“Sing my Song!”

DFDF 2024: “Sing my Song!”

After the “Cavalcade of Guests” and “Sing my Song!” were highlights at the last DFDFs w, we’re going to run it again in 2024! So, “DFDF – Sing mein Lied!” (Sing my song!) will be a program item on Sunday again.

What is it?

A kind of “exchange of performers for songs” – every participant (say: A) is sent the name of another “Sing mein Lied!” participant (here: B), of whom he/she then performs a song of his/her choice in concert at DFDF. In return, another participant (maybe: C) will perform a song of the first participant of this here convoluted example (thus: A).

A “Sing a song by someone else, someone even els-er sings a song by you”. (So kind of a “Secret Santa” (without the “Santa” part) for songs. 🙂

Individuals as well as duos/bands are welcome to participate – I mostly use the singular in the following explanations, but please feel free to join if you are a duo, trio, …, band, as well – though: please, only one sign up per “performance unit”.

Everyone can participate who performs at filk conventions (singing or spoken word or instrumental or …) you do not need to have written songs yourself.

How does it work?

Everyone who is a registered participant of DFDF 2024 (that bit is important!) and wants to participate, can register until February 15th by sending an email indicating their interest. Simply use the signup form below to register.

Shortly after February 15th you will receive an email from the Concom with the name and contact details of the person/group who you have been assigned (by lot).

You can then contact the person/group yourself and ask for lyrics, chords, … Or, if it’s supposed remain a surprise and you don’t want to tell the person that you are going to sing his or her song, you can ask the concom to contact the person for you and to thus ask “anonymously” in your stead.

(If you want the song to remain a surprise – ask for 2 or 3, then it remains at least a little unclear).

What do you commit yourself to by participating in “Sing mein Lied!”?

– You will learn/perform a song by a participant assigned to you in the “Sing mein Lied!” concert at DFDF.

– You will provide the lyrics and chords (as well as, if available and requested: sheet music, a recording, …) of max. 3 of your songs (the performer decides which ones).

– You will not pass on the lyrics, chords, sheet music, recordings, etc. that are provided to you to third parties without asking first.

–  The concom may pass on your contact details to the performer(s) who is/are to perform your song in the concert.

What are you NOT committing yourself to by participating?

– To perform the song the way the original performer usually performs it. You neither have to form a band (if it is usually performed by a band), nor to learn a new instrument etc. Perform it your way and as best you can.

Can everyone join in?

YES! There is no limit to the number of participants that can join, nor any “level of talent” (Phhht!) required. Everybody who is a registered member of DFDF and who signs up by February 28th  can and is super welcome to participate!




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