Buffet 2019

There will be a buffet at DFDF again this year (on all four evenings)

Price: € 17 per person/evening
(Kids 7-14: €15 per evening)

 If you want to book the buffet you need to do the following:

Email concom[at]dfdf.rocks by May 22nd with the following information:

  • Who you are booking the buffet for
  • What nights you are booking the buffet for
  • Whether you are staying in the hotel (and if so, whose name the room is in)

We will confirm receipt of your email.

Here are the food options that will be offered on the buffet:

Thursday, May 30

Marinated goat cheese with honey and cumin,
smoked fish variation with creamed horseradish,
salad bar with various dressings & toppings,
oven-fresh baguette & bread selection with country butter

 Main courses:
Fried pike-perch fillet with Dijon mustard sauce,
poulard breast with tarragon sauce,
tagliatelle noodles with Mediterranean vegetables in pesto cream sauce

side dishes:
broccoli & romanesco vegetables,
rosemary potatoes,
wild rice

Chocolate Panna Cotta on Mango,
Cheese Cake

Friday, May 31

Pollo Tonnato with tuna caper sauce,
antipasti variation
salad bar with various dressings & toppings,
oven fresh baguette & bread selection with country butter

Main courses:
Fried redfish fillet with herb sauce,
roast pork neck in thyme jus,
potato noodle pan with carrots and forest mushrooms

Side dishes:
Ratatouille vegetables,
sage gnocchi,
potato gratin

Chocolate mousse,
Fresh fruit salad

Saturday, June 1

Vegetarian spring roll with curry rice salad,
chicken skewers with cucumber-cress salad,
salad bar with various dressings & toppings,
oven-fresh baguette & bread selection with country butter

Main courses:
catfish fillet in herb egg cover on Pak Choi,
pork fillet in Mu-Err mushroom sauce,
fried noodles with wok vegetables

side dishes:
sautéed carrots,
basmati rice,
creamy polenta

coconut rice with pineapple salad,
semolina flummery with cherry compote

Sunday, June 2

Shrimp cocktail in a glass,
Spicy beef salad
Salad bar with various dressings & toppings,
Freshly baked baguette & bread selection, served with country butter

Main courses:
Eye of Round roast with burgundy sauce,
hake fillet with thyme sauce,
vegetarian cannelloni

side dishes:
green beans,
wild rice,
potato gratin

Strawberry cream,
marinated fruit salad,

April Update

DFDF is coming soon, so here’s another update:

– our room block has now closed, an apparently the hotel is completely booked out Thursday to Friday, though there are still rooms available Friday-Sunday. Just an FYI. If you need a room Thursday-Friday, sharing with an already attending member is probably your best bet … .

– Alexa has asked me to ask all of you to, if you want to, bring songs about “home” (whether geographical, metaphorical, virtual, …) to her workshop.

– the deadline for Advance Request Concert wishes has passed, so I’ve taken the submission form offline – the concert is still happening, of course (it’s going to be good!)

February Update

– don’t forget – it’s our anniversary convention this year, so programming will start on Thursday evening and Friday will be an „additional Friday“, programming-wise (similar time slots, different content)

– apparently the hotel is booked out Thursday-Friday night (except for our room block, of course!), so make super sure to mention “Wolfevents DFDF 2019” when booking your room (and make sure to book your room before too long), otherwise they’ll email you back and say “no space”. (If you encounter any problems: get in touch with Sib please)

– If you want to request a song or two in the Advance Request Concert – do it!

– the 2019 song sharing circle has the theme “Together / Gemeinsam” this year, so go write/dig out a fitting song

– everyone whose registration we know of is listed on the members page here, so ceck it out (and register, if you’re not on the list yet … :-))

And, last but not least – is anyone bringing an electronic piano/keyboard they wouldn’t mind lending to Alexa for her GoH concerts?

Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik