Advance Request Concert

The Advance Request Concert will be back in 2024!

What is it?

In addition the main concert is where YOU can sign up, this is where  you can ask SOMEONE ELSE to perform something for you!

So, the Advance Request Concert works pretty much like a request concert does – you get the opportunity to request a song (or two, or three) that you want to hear played in concert on the main stage – but with advance warning! Which means: the deadline for submitting Advance Request Concert wishes is March 15, 2024. Why? So we’ve got enough time to ask the performer in question if he/she’s willing to perform the requested song in the ARC – and to leave people some time to practice what might be songs they’ve not played in ages again.

What can I ask for?

Filk songs! Your chances of actually *hearing* what you ask for here might be better if you stick with songs by people that will actually be *at* the con, or a song that you know someone attending the convention knows how to play – but, you know, we’re not imposing any limits on you there.

(So, if Every Single One of you out there asks to hear, say “The Horse-Tamers Daughter” in concert [which you’ve never done on account of it being so long], we’ll do our best to find a volunteer able and willing to undertake the task!)


Why not! For the sake of those seldom-heard but dearly beloved filk songs that don’t exist on a CD! So people will sing “Banned from Argo” on stage again! (Name more reasons, we’ll list them all!) Please note – there is no other request concert at DFDF aside from the ARC. So if you want to request a song, please do it here, don’t wait until the con (it will be too late then…).

Aaaand now:

Make a wish!*



    We’ll do our best to make it come true, but unsurprisingly make no guarantees.

    Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik