2017 Guest of Honor: GeBORGt

WE ARE GeBORGt! Remove your earplugs and activate your hearing aid. We will add your musical achievements to our repertoire. Resistance is futile!

GeBORGt is a single entity in six parts: (Sa)Bine, Michael, Sandra, Oliver, Jan-Hendrik “D’chan”, and Kristina “Aryana”. We’ve been performing music together for more than 10 years in German filk-conventions and have already made many a sound engineer despair with our eternal games in exchanging our microphones on stage.

GeBORGt- we are a creative bunch of hobby music makers, role-players, tellers of tales and poets, who want only one thing: escape gray daily life with music and creativity.

GeBORGt- – why GeBORGt? – In the search for a crisp, catchy band name, we realized that everything that we liked had already occurred to others. This meant that it would be a bad idea to print any of those names on our CD cover. So we had a brainstorming round, which led us to something like “Filkers steal everything” or, “Filkers have no respect for the original” and, “Filkers borrow …” wait a moment. Borrow! What does that remind us of? Exactly! Those nice machine men, who so kindly want to make their technology available to all worlds! (Of course, to make that technology available, you have to standardize… so the most efficient way is to assimilate everything that does not fit). So the band name was born, and since that memorable day in a Bielefeld living room, we have assimilated as ” GeBORGt “.

Well, not everything is assimilated, but a lot.

Who is GeBORGt?

1 of 5 – Bine (also known as Tarish) is famous for her wonderful cookie and jam compositions, which (again and again) try to counteract dry, gray everyday life through her creativity. She writes wonderful, catchy songs, sings, and plays drums and guitar (though not at the same time).

2 of 5 -Michael, the world’s best and “worst” GameMaster, has ever been a source of inspiration for our songs and stories. He writes songs for us, or they grow out of the rest of our heads because of the games he leads. With us BORGs he sings or helps us to stay intact, in reality he achieves asylum from daily life with us (after his escape from his work at the job center with city administration).

3 of 5 – Sandra. She works professionally with children and teenagers, and offers color and style advice. With us BORGs, she almost always has the guitar under her arm. She is the one who composes the accompanying chords from the melodies that are only present in our ears. Every now and then, Sandra also takes up the recorder or sings lead and harmonies.

Π of 5 is Oliver, our man on the electric guitar. He also sits on the Cahon, and always finds the right feeling for the rhythm. In real life, he twists the bones of twisted people, while with the BORGs he also takes care that lonely lyrics and lost melodies stay together.

4 of 5 – Jan-Hendrik, also known as D’Chan, writes lyrics and melodies inspired by all of the “nice” actions taken by our Gamemaster 2of5. He either sings them himself, or gives over the melody to others. And when he isn’t harmonizing, he reaches for drums and other percussion. In real life, Jan is the lord of plenty of organic cheese.

5 of 5 – Kris(tina), also known as Aryana, writes songs and stories, puts stories to songs, and puts songs to stories. She sings and plays almost everything you can blow in that has holes, can be held, or has keys (like piano, electronic keyboard, or organ). In real life, she works to introduce children and young people to the secrets of science and technology and help raise the next generation of geeks and nerds.

Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik