Con Report DFDF 2010 by Alexa


Life is busy, I just arrived home from a conference on Wednesday and left with my family for the convention on Thursday. But I was happy enough that the conference did not take place at exactly the same date, so I won’t complain. Getting to Bad Salzdetfurth was easy enough, no traffic jam, no problems, and we got the same suite (two stories with winding stairs…) as last year. Fantastic! Went to town to a very nice restaurant called „Zur Linde“ and on our way back met Sib. Sib and I spent a very relaxed evening preparing for the con, so that we got almost everything done on Thursday night.


Friday was extremely relaxed for me, considering that I was on the concom. Yet, the second time round is a lot easier… Registration was fun, meeting everyone and a lot of people hung out at the registration desks, so it was a lot of catching up and chatting, very nice. Opening came and we had a lot of fun doing our power point presentation 🙂 It is always fun to see how people used to look when they are a lot younger…. After the opening came my own spot. I didn’t have so much time being nervous, which was nice, and I managed to play most songs by heart (though I forgot half of the lyrics of „Der Zirkus“..:-)). And it was so nice of Franklin to bring me a beer on stage 🙂 After my spot, there was Summer&Fall, and I am always amazed by them. Wow. Later on was circle time, Sönke did his Werewolf impression and a lot of fun was had…. I pumpkinned not too late that night, if I remember correctly.


Saturday started out very nicely for me, I had a back massage on the morning, which was incredibly relaxing. I should have one every day after work 🙂 Saturday was the day of the Main concert, which was fab, and for me, my personal highlight – my son was on stage accompanied by my husband, I was gleaming 🙂 Yes, me being proud mom! But not only Juri, also Nicolas was on stage playing the violin, which impressed my very much! In the main concert, we also had the auction. I had a lot of fun 🙂 Nella Darren followed, it was great hearing her again, accompanied by Rafael or the Magician, who had the next spot. I enjoyed the concerts very much! Sönke, who took fantastic care of the kids during the whole con, needed a break, so I missed part of Summer and Falls second set, yet I was glad to see some of their set, at all. The circle didn’t really happen for a while, but I was invited by Sabine to have some wine and chocolate (is their anything better?), and we had a lot of fun, singing some German songs before we actually started the circle. It was a fun circle and a lovely evening.


Sunday morning was Aquapella, in which I couldn’t participate. The advanced request concert followed, which worked very well, and I am sure we will have it again next year. Sebastian Kinder was next (we did have a lot of Nachwuchsförderung at this convention!), then Franklin whom I hadn’t heard in quite some time. Barbership was next and I am always amazed by them and by Eva’s song writing. And they even had a MacGyver song, thank you Eva! Closing was next, with the Random Awards. Arne, AJ, Rika and Eva won them this year 🙂 After some misunderstanding concerning dinner, I missed out on it for I promised Sönke to take care of the kids so he could watch the game. After he returned and after a concom meeting came some more circling, where I sang something for Marilisa, who missed my concert, and I enjoyed „Borderline“, my very favorite of Eva. I pumpkinned not too late, because I had a work related meeting on Monday night and didn’t want to be too knackered…


Monday morning it was breakfast and goodbyes and a wonderfully uneventful trip home. The con didn’t really end there for me, though, as lucky us had Lissa on Tuesday and Wednesday, where we went feeding Kattas, had a barbecue and went to the beach!

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