2018 Guest of Honor: Pair O’Dice

Eva is a reverse super-hero, fighting crime in the daytime and assuming the identity of a simple, staid citizen when the sun sets. And yet, there is another layer of deception at work, for in the wee hours of night she secretly crafts sinister songs, designed to plunge the unwary listener into dread, depression and despair. Her arsenal of weapons is large, but her brilliant plan of owning one instrument for every day of the year has not yet come to fruition, since neither struggling with murderers nor being an evil mastercomposer pays as much as one would think. Even when she finally succumbs to sleep, her mind never rests, and if you are lucky, she might just take you along on one of her lucid journeys through dream land.

Pair o’Dice in Paradise! (The French Alps)

Rafael is a universal dilettante, a compulsive questioner of convention and a conversational thread necromancer. He longs to know everything, especially languages, which attract him in inverse proportion to their usefulness (Dutch, Icelandic and Sumerian top the list). At the age of seven, Rafael’s soul entered the World Inside the Crystal, dragging his career behind it. His body is part Adonis, part Sasquatch; almost entirely covered by a tattoo that suggests Triad ties; and a lethal weapon trained in fencing, flamenco, goju-ryu, kung fu, kendo and capoeira, all of which he will apply without hesitation to those who miss the convention.

The two of them lost their hearts in Heidelberg and have not found them again to this day. In their rare spare time, they cultivate multiple personalities and a weird obsession with small geometric objects. Occasionally, they also sing together.

. . . and then there is Talea, their bilingual, trombone-playing, balloon-knotting, tree-climbing, animal-loving karate kid. They could brag about her for days, so don’t get them started.







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