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virtual DFDF – DvFDF 2020

Das virtuelle Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik – 22-24 Mai 2020

THIS IS THE DvFDF Masterpost, here you can find all the latest info etc.

Badges: Everyone who was registered for the regular DFDF 2020 (or hasalready registered for DFDF 2021) will receive a DvFDF Badge, which can be used as a zoom background image.

The badges can be found here (THANKS to Steffi for the design!)

Program (Updated: 22.05.2020)

Where: Zoom

The zoom links have been sent by mail to the DFDF mailing list. The links for dinner, breakfast and the circles are ONLY available via the DFDF mailing list. These program items will be held in “meeting style” (everyone can see everyone, everyone can speak, etc) and therefore we are guarding these links very tightly :-).
(So: to get the zoom links: subscribe to the newsletter right here on our website. Whoever registers for the mailinglist from now on until the end of the weekend will be forwarded the links :-)).

The DvFDF concerts are held in webinar style (one sender, many recipients – participants can only watch/listen and interact in the chat, only people authorized to fo so by the moderators can transmit audio and video), so we will share those links with the German Filk mailing list, on our Facebook page, etc. Should the webinar stream reach its capacity limits (and the respective performers have no objections!!) we will also stream the concerts live via Facebook to the DFDF Facebook page.

Program items:

      All times are CEST (UTC + 2)
Freitag, 22. Mai


19:30 – 20:30 Uhr Zoom Dinner


Bring dein Abendessen mit, sag „Hallo!“ Bring your own dinner, say “Hi!”
Samstag, 23. Mai      
9:30 – 11:30


Zoom Frühstück Nicht ganz das Hotelbuffet, aber … Kaffee & Klatsch! Zoom Breakfast – the DFDF hotel does a great breakfast buffet that is quite the social hub … socializing time!
14:00 Billy    
14:30 Valerie    
15:00 Gavran    
15:30   Pause Break
16:00 Ju    
16:30 C.J.    
17:00 Franklin    
17:30 Bine & Michael    
18:00   Pause Break
19:30 – 22:00 Filkzirkel   Filk circle
Sonntag, 24. Mai      
9:30 – 11:30


Zoom Frühstück Nicht ganz das Hotelbuffet, aber … Kaffee & Klatsch! Zoom Breakfast – the DFDF hotel does a great breakfast buffet that is quite the social hub … socializing time!
13:30 Steve    
14:00 Steffi    
14:30 Alex L    
15:00 Sagensang    
15:30 Kirstin & Volker    
16:00   Pause Break
16:30 – 18:00 Filkzirkel   Filk circle


DFDF & the Pandemic II

Dear DFDFlings,
Dear Filkers,

This update is probably not a very surprising one – but of course, for all that, no less unpleasant.

Unfortunately, DFDF simply cannot take place as planned this year – even though there are no legal regulations for the timeframe “end of May” in place in Germany as of yet, neither we as  the Concom nor the hotel see ourselves as being able to plan and carry out an event with about 50 participants in the coming weeks. (Not to mention the attempt also seeming both unreasonable and reckless and …) (and also: even if, legally, we might be allowed to meet – to see you all and always keep a distance of 2 meters … nah). So we have come to an agreement within the concom and also with the Relexa Hotel: there won’t be a (physical) DFDF this year. We will, however, try to have an online convention on the DFDF-weekend instead. Details as to the What and the Where and the How will follow over the coming weeks.

Our guests of honor for 2020 were willing (yay!) to be our guests of honor in 2021, as well, and we will also carry all memberships forward into the coming year – so we’ll just push the “pause” button for a year, basically. (If you’d rather have your membership fee back, please contact Sib – we can’t – and don’t want to! – force you to come to DFDF in 2021, after all).

We have asked the hotel to cancel all rooms booked into the DFDF room block – but if you want to make sure that your hotel room is 100% cancelled, you can of course contact the hotel (reception is staffed).

So, the current plan is as follows:

DvFDF – Das virtuelle Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik
22-24 May 2020

DFDF 2021
Guests of honour: Loewenthal
Date: 14-16 May 2021
Relexa Hotel Bad Salzdetfurth

(Super vague and still unfinished idea, that depends almost entirely on everyone’s interest and the development of the state of the world in the coming months: Relaxa-Con at the Relexa Hotel, 22-24 January 2021 (no fuss, no guests of honour, no-or-low-tec, Miss-Your-Faces-&-finally-time-for-Wellness-Con))

Stay healthy, everyone – hope to see you at virtual DvFDF on the Internet!

DFDF & the Pandemic

As of this moment, we are still planning to hold DFDF the weekend of 22-24 May, 2020. The concom is  monitoring the situation, and we will let our membership know of any changes. Our next deadline to evaluate our stance will be four weeks before the convention.         

As has been noted elsewhere, we love our community; but the safety and health of all our members comes first.    

In case DFDF 2020 does take place, but you would prefer not to attend due to any lingering Covid-19 issues (or are prevented by remaining travel restrictions from doing so), we will automatically forward your membership to DFDF 2021. 

In case DFDF 2020 cannot take place, all memberships will be forwarded to DFDF 2021 (May 14-16, 2021).    

Please keep in mind: you can cancel your hotel room at the Relexa up to 48 hours before check in without penalty.            

Steve says: Hopefully by the end of April we will be past the worst of this pandemic, and we can sing together once again.  
Sib is more pessimistic, but willing to be pleasantly surprised :-).

Stay safe!
Steve & Sib

DFDF 2020 – January News

In the feedback discussion at the last DFDF the extra convention day was seen as a very positive thing – we won’t and can’t do this every year, but stemming from that in the feedback session the idea arose that it would be possible to make one of the function rooms available from Thursday onwards without adding an official convention day – for informal circling/practicing etc. We can certainly do this – but want to only invest in the extra day if there actually is serious interest in this. So: do any of you already arrive on Thursday and would be interested in this?

(If we get at least five expressions of interest by February 15th, Steve and I have decided to invest in the function space … with less than five people one can kinda still go practice in a hotel room (that’s our logic)).

Also: get in touch with me (Sib) if you plan to arrive on Thursday, too, so that I can try to extend our room contingent at the hotel for the night from Thursday to Friday!

If Steve talked to you about a concert, please get in touch with him. 🙂

New program item on the agenda: “Sing my song!”

After the “Cavalcade of Guests” at the last DFDF was a true program highlight, we’re going to try a similar format this year – but in a way that lets every attendee participate, no matter if he/she was a guest of honor at the DFDF or not. So, in 2020 there will be “DFDF – Sing mein Lied!” (Sing my song!) program item on Sunday.

Information about participation etc. can be found on our website at