DFDF & the Pandemic II

Dear DFDFlings,
Dear Filkers,

This update is probably not a very surprising one – but of course, for all that, no less unpleasant.

Unfortunately, DFDF simply cannot take place as planned this year – even though there are no legal regulations for the timeframe “end of May” in place in Germany as of yet, neither we as  the Concom nor the hotel see ourselves as being able to plan and carry out an event with about 50 participants in the coming weeks. (Not to mention the attempt also seeming both unreasonable and reckless and …) (and also: even if, legally, we might be allowed to meet – to see you all and always keep a distance of 2 meters … nah). So we have come to an agreement within the concom and also with the Relexa Hotel: there won’t be a (physical) DFDF this year. We will, however, try to have an online convention on the DFDF-weekend instead. Details as to the What and the Where and the How will follow over the coming weeks.

Our guests of honor for 2020 were willing (yay!) to be our guests of honor in 2021, as well, and we will also carry all memberships forward into the coming year – so we’ll just push the “pause” button for a year, basically. (If you’d rather have your membership fee back, please contact Sib – we can’t – and don’t want to! – force you to come to DFDF in 2021, after all).

We have asked the hotel to cancel all rooms booked into the DFDF room block – but if you want to make sure that your hotel room is 100% cancelled, you can of course contact the hotel (reception is staffed).

So, the current plan is as follows:

DvFDF – Das virtuelle Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik
22-24 May 2020

DFDF 2021
Guests of honour: Loewenthal
Date: 14-16 May 2021
Relexa Hotel Bad Salzdetfurth

(Super vague and still unfinished idea, that depends almost entirely on everyone’s interest and the development of the state of the world in the coming months: Relaxa-Con at the Relexa Hotel, 22-24 January 2021 (no fuss, no guests of honour, no-or-low-tec, Miss-Your-Faces-&-finally-time-for-Wellness-Con))

Stay healthy, everyone – hope to see you at virtual DvFDF on the Internet!