DFDF 2020 – January News

In the feedback discussion at the last DFDF the extra convention day was seen as a very positive thing – we won’t and can’t do this every year, but stemming from that in the feedback session the idea arose that it would be possible to make one of the function rooms available from Thursday onwards without adding an official convention day – for informal circling/practicing etc. We can certainly do this – but want to only invest in the extra day if there actually is serious interest in this. So: do any of you already arrive on Thursday and would be interested in this?

(If we get at least five expressions of interest by February 15th, Steve and I have decided to invest in the function space … with less than five people one can kinda still go practice in a hotel room (that’s our logic)).

Also: get in touch with me (Sib) if you plan to arrive on Thursday, too, so that I can try to extend our room contingent at the hotel for the night from Thursday to Friday!

If Steve talked to you about a concert, please get in touch with him. 🙂

New program item on the agenda: “Sing my song!”

After the “Cavalcade of Guests” at the last DFDF was a true program highlight, we’re going to try a similar format this year – but in a way that lets every attendee participate, no matter if he/she was a guest of honor at the DFDF or not. So, in 2020 there will be “DFDF – Sing mein Lied!” (Sing my song!) program item on Sunday.

Information about participation etc. can be found on our website at https://www.dfdf.rocks/dfdf-2020/sing-my-song/