February Update

– don’t forget – it’s our anniversary convention this year, so programming will start on Thursday evening and Friday will be an „additional Friday“, programming-wise (similar time slots, different content)

– apparently the hotel is booked out Thursday-Friday night (except for our room block, of course!), so make super sure to mention “Wolfevents DFDF 2019” when booking your room (and make sure to book your room before too long), otherwise they’ll email you back and say “no space”. (If you encounter any problems: get in touch with Sib please)

– If you want to request a song or two in the Advance Request Concert – do it!

– the 2019 song sharing circle has the theme “Together / Gemeinsam” this year, so go write/dig out a fitting song

– everyone whose registration we know of is listed on the members page here, so ceck it out (and register, if you’re not on the list yet … :-))

And, last but not least – is anyone bringing an electronic piano/keyboard they wouldn’t mind lending to Alexa for her GoH concerts?